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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Guess which OS google uses?

We all have been keen to know what Google uses as their OS and their file format. There were many claims that they were using a modified version of the Ubuntu Linux and they named it as Goobuntu (What a funny name ). Well at last Google’s spokeswoman has come down to confirm it. Yeah they are using Ubuntu Linux! Infact only their engine. Here’s a quote:

“We utilize the Ubuntu technology for internal use, but have no plans to
distribute it outside of the company,” the spokeswoman said. She also denied the
company was using the name “Goobunto” internally for the software, saying, “It’s
just an internal system.”

As you can see they have not named it Goobuntu after all. Ubuntu means ‘Humanity to others’. Maybe Google is feeling humane and that’s why they are using Ubuntu while there are many better Linux alternatives. Anyway this is a great encouragement for Ubuntu.


  • :D a google fan here... waiting for ur review on release .. if its really good, then I am finally dumping windows err... mebbe i will try Vista before that :p

    By Blogger Qwerty The Maniac, at 11:47 PM  

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