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Monday, January 09, 2006

A small disk for you and a giant 500 GB for your computer!

Quantum Computing, perhaps the buzzword of the year, has always fascinated the minds of many. Many stepped forward into the field but the leading one is Atom Chip. Ok i am not making you sleepy by telling long stories. I will get into the point straight.

See that picture? What do you get from it. Hmm 500 GB of storage in a small chip? Yep and its 'quantum disk' as they say. And the speed? Hold your breath for its 4 Gb per second!!! Cool right? It works with both Linux and Windows (no info about Mac) and this beauty was displayed in CES at Las Vegas. But don't start dreaming about it unless you can shell out $17500! All coolness gone? So that means that this little beauty is not for us atleast for now. Maybe you can choose a 500GB harddisk instead :D :D.

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