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Sunday, January 08, 2006

MSN Messenger Live Reviewed!

My friend (Navojsingh Singh) recently send me an invitation for the MSN Messenger Live-The future of MSN Messenger. I gladly accepted it and downloaded the 11.5 MB file ASAP. After installation I opened it up. I was spell bound and could only say 'cool'. Yeah its the visuals. The Messenger is simply cool to see. Look at the picture below (Since large images may slow down this already slow page i had to reduce the quality of the jpg files. Plz bear with me). Anyway the all new messenger is cool to see.

See the difference between MSN Messenger Live [left] and Messenger 7.x[right]

MSN Messenger is really spicy! Look at that 'forget me' link in the log in window. I am seeing such a thing for the first time. Its damn useful for those who don't know how to clear the temp 'cookies' of MSN messenger. Now we can erase our information with a single click. Its damn useful especially when you are using MSN from somebody else's computer or from a cafe.

As the previous messengers, this time also you will have to bear with the ads shown in the messenger.

The troubleshooting feature of MSN messenger is the best of its kind i have ever seen.

Though the visuals are not completely changeable by default, we can change that orange color on the top by clicking the small bucket icon on the top. There isn't much change in the chatting window from the previous ones except the visuals ^_^ .

Kato, my friend showing of his handwriting. The handwriting feature can be accessed by clicking the pen symbol. You have to write with the mouse! Who cares that when we have keyboard which is better than our handwriting ;-) .

Like Yahoo Messenger (I am comparing with YIM because that's my favorite IM) there are many features in MSN IM like Backgrounds. Backgrounds are IM environment equivalent of YIM. But there are many differences also. In YIM it requires that both of the people must load the theme where as in MSN IM only we need to load the IM and after loading it we can request our friend to load it also. Thats a good side in MSN IM.

There are many difference in Backgrounds and IM Environment of Yahoo!

Unlike YIM there is a wide selection of emoticons and besides that you can create your own! So theoretical there are infinite emoticons in MSN Live Messenger. So you will never be in short of emoticons and will find emoticons for every situation. Besides you can download extra packs from time to time. And there is also My Winks. Unlike Emoticons these and animations decipating something or action. They are really big and span throughout the Messenger window. But the bad thing is that there are only few animations available.

There are always many emoticons for every occasion for you to use!

My Winks are cool but have only few items.

Like YIM MSN Live Messenger (and MSN IM 7.x) also have features like Videos, file transfer, telephone calls, activities and games! Of course I tried Tic Tac Toe with Kato.

Me playing Tic Tac Toe with Kato. I trapped him see!!

So whats new?? There are some new features but most of them needs add-ons. There is one add-on that tell others in your contact list which music you are hearing in Windows Media player. Its an add-on for the Media Player. There there is another add on offering free virus scanning for the messenger only. I suppose its a part of Windows Live Security. Then unlike older versions you can send offline messages to your friends. Theres also a video chat option using your web-cam/digital camera.

So summing up i would like to say that the major difference between MSN IM live and MSN IM 7.x is only visuals. There are some other small differences but any way its always good to upgrade. So if you have enough friends in MSN IM time to get the Live IM. But i didn't find anything here to drool over. So either way it will go.

Thanks for Navajo Singh for the invitation and Kato (Karthik) for helping me to review this IM.

P.S I don't have any invitations left for MSN Live Messenger so don't pester me asking for an invitation. When i get some invitations to spare i will post it here.

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