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Monday, January 30, 2006

Google Toolbar Beta Rock!

Yeah Google released a new version of the toolbar beta ( I don’t get it. Every single cool service has a Beta tag with its name). Anyway getting to the point I don’t know when this cool thing was released but i grabbed the 600kb file the moment I heard about it and all I could say was WOW. Yeah you should really try it out. It has new buttons, well laid graphics and lots of new features.

All the images has been largely scaled down. Please click the image to see the real image.


Keyword Suggest:

This is a cool new feature. As you type suggestions popup below it showing a list relevant keywords.

Auto Search bar expand

This is a very useful feature. If you are typing long combinations of keywords the search bar will start growing trying to accommodate the text also. See the screenshot to understand.

Live Bookmarks

Ah a much awaited feature. Now you can add live bookmarks, manage, view and access them from your own Google Toolbar!

Send To

Earlier Google toolbar could only send to your blogger account. Now you can Gmail and SMS your favorite pages also!

Add Buttons:

We can add our own buttons of our own site! and submit it here. After reviewing it Google will either disacard it or will post it on thier main page! Cool
But hey its Google. So large database and so large number of buttons available.

What are you waiting for Sonny? Go download it!

Google Toolbar beta Google Button Page


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