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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Google News out of Beta!

Google seems to have dropped the Beta tag from its Google News! Sources say that they have added many new features also. You should check it out, really.

Google News was introduced in September 2002 and their goal was to enable readers to get a broader perspective. To do this, they developed a service that delivered news by presenting it in "clusters" that displayed related articles in a single group. Google News has now grown to 22 regional editions in 10

In addition to taking Google News out of beta, Google is also introducing personalized news headlines. By further integrating Personalized Search into Google News, users can now receive recommended news stories based on their past news searches and articles they've read, giving them suggestions for stories to explore that they may not have discovered otherwise.

Users who want to receive personalized news headlines can simply sign-up for Personalized Search. Then, whenever they're signed-in to their Google Account, they'll see recommended headlines based on what they've read in the past. These results appear along the left hand column, but users can also get a full page of recommended stories by clicking on the section. All of this is done automatically using algorithms.

Source: Tech Tree 4 The Geeks 4 The Geek


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