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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First ever TV Channel for Mobiles!

Reliance Infocomm, an India based CDMA mobile connection provider, released what they claim as the world's first TV Channel on mobile phones. Now Reliance is providing a channel called 'Times Now' a Times Group and Reuters 24 hour News channel (Times Now has not been released for Television viewers yet).

Reliance India Mobile (RIM) said that this service is currently available only to users of Nokia 6255 and 6235 and requires them to connect to R-World to see the streaming channels. Other mobile users will be able to see the web clips on demand.

Movies and channels on mobiles are still on heated debate because watching movies in a small screen is inconvenient and causes heavy battery drain. Even before people came to conclusion for this debate Reliance launched this cool service. Personally I think watching 24 hour news in the small screen of mobiles would be better than watching films in mobile phones. Anyway its cool to know that India is trying to get a global position in technology :D.

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