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Monday, December 26, 2005

Sony a bad Santa.

This year Sony decided to play Santa and distributed 'gifts' but sadly enough nobody like those gifts. So whats the gift anyway? What else could it be? The infamous rootkits. Don't get it? Remember last month when Sony ran into deep waters for distributing rootkits in Music CDs in an attempt to stop piracy.

US CONSUMER groups are fuming that Sony BMG continued to flog spyware
infected music in the pre-christmas rush. Sony has claimed that it has recalled
the CDs which are loaded with spyware to prevent piracy after getting itself
into PR hotwater over the issue.

This flies in the face of Sony’s website, here, which claims that Sony
was working with its retail partners to withdraw compact discs with XCP software
from distribution and retail chains. Sony says that it has asked retailers to cease sale of those discs and to return them.

Source: The Inquirer

So next time you buy music cds check it for those evil gifts from Sony.


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