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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A mobile war is gonna start in India

Today as i sat down to read the daily newspaper, i saw an ad in the first page about Airtel India's new 'lifetime' scheme. I was no surprised as it has been in the news for sometime and many cross examined the scheme. According to the scheme you will have to shell out Rs 999 (approx $24) and you will get incoming calls for whole your lifetime (or your mobile's lifetime) for free without recharching the (pre-paid) account and some other offers. This will help, those who had been shelling out Rs 330 (approx $8) or more every month just to receive calls and SMS.

Anyway let me get to the point. As i was going through the newspaper on the third page i saw a full page ad of !dea (pronounced as Idea, formerly Escotel) announcing the launch of their own 'lifetime' offer for Rs.995 ($23.65) and full talk time offer on further recharges. I was happy and surprised being an Idea subscriber. Then in the next page another as of BPL mots with their own life time offer. I suppose this craze was started by Tata by launching 2-year free incoming and full talktime scheme. Anyway i see all these companies competing each other in prices and features so expect a mobile war. So expect a cheaper, better communication future for India.
India Shining! :D

P.S. i really think that there are loop holes for these schemes. Loop holes for Airtel has been unearthed but if anybody finds any loopholes for Idea and BPL mots plz post it as comments and it shall be appreciated.


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