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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I am back!

Hi guys and gals. I am extremely sorry that i could not post for the past one month. I was facing some extremely horrible problems. Anyways i promise that i will keep you updated on tech from now onwards! Anyways i think a vast number of happening has happened in the past few weeks including the great and useful change of G- Mail. Its cool to see it now. I am not posting a screenshot now because its already too late and almost all of you have a Gmail account. But that not everything. I said many things but this is only one?? This time its your chance readers! Since i was absent for the past one month, you know what happened more than me. So dear readers fill my head with information. Thanks!

P.S Thanks to my friend Qwerty The Maniac for solving the side bar problem. Next time you encounter such a problem scroll down to see the side bar, click Get Firefox, download it and view the site or wait till I figure out what the problem is :D


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