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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Woah Woah Woah, time to say good bye to 2005 and welcome the new year. Hope you have made your new year resolutions. If so get ready to break all those resolutions b'coz its the new year! :D

Happy New Year! Have a geeky year ahead!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Intel Inside logo kicked out.

The world's largets chip making company, Intel said yesterday that they are
going changing their previous logo showing a lowered 'e' to the logo with an
oval around the text 'intel inside'.

The phrase "Leap ahead" will supplant
"Intel Inside," which launched the Silicon Valley giant into public
awareness in the 1990's and helped it build the world's No. 5 brand, worth
an estimated $36 billion, according to consultancy Interbrand.

The company said that although the "Intel Inside" tagline will
disappear, it will retain a marketing program with that name in which Intel
helps PC makers advertise products that use its chips.

Source: Reuters

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A mobile war is gonna start in India

Today as i sat down to read the daily newspaper, i saw an ad in the first page about Airtel India's new 'lifetime' scheme. I was no surprised as it has been in the news for sometime and many cross examined the scheme. According to the scheme you will have to shell out Rs 999 (approx $24) and you will get incoming calls for whole your lifetime (or your mobile's lifetime) for free without recharching the (pre-paid) account and some other offers. This will help, those who had been shelling out Rs 330 (approx $8) or more every month just to receive calls and SMS.

Anyway let me get to the point. As i was going through the newspaper on the third page i saw a full page ad of !dea (pronounced as Idea, formerly Escotel) announcing the launch of their own 'lifetime' offer for Rs.995 ($23.65) and full talk time offer on further recharges. I was happy and surprised being an Idea subscriber. Then in the next page another as of BPL mots with their own life time offer. I suppose this craze was started by Tata by launching 2-year free incoming and full talktime scheme. Anyway i see all these companies competing each other in prices and features so expect a mobile war. So expect a cheaper, better communication future for India.
India Shining! :D

P.S. i really think that there are loop holes for these schemes. Loop holes for Airtel has been unearthed but if anybody finds any loopholes for Idea and BPL mots plz post it as comments and it shall be appreciated.

Lenova's own smartphone.

Leanova, the company which grabbed headlines by buying the PC market from IBM is all set to jump into smartphone production. The photo alongside shows ET980 phone that will be available around March of 2006. The phone will run on Windows Mobile 5.0, have a 312MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, miniSD expansion and even sport a 4-megapixel camera.

But sadly this beauty will only be available in China, Japan, and Korea unless you import it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

MSN Messenger Beta Warning

DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Its a virus disguising as the new neta version of MSN Messanger. It was named as Virkel.F by F-Secure. It comes in a file called BETA8WEBINSTALL.EXE and sends the download link to your buddies after installation.

"It also connects your machine to a botnet server," F-Secure warned, meaning that a person's computer can be controlled remotely to attack other machines or send spam.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Sony a bad Santa.

This year Sony decided to play Santa and distributed 'gifts' but sadly enough nobody like those gifts. So whats the gift anyway? What else could it be? The infamous rootkits. Don't get it? Remember last month when Sony ran into deep waters for distributing rootkits in Music CDs in an attempt to stop piracy.

US CONSUMER groups are fuming that Sony BMG continued to flog spyware
infected music in the pre-christmas rush. Sony has claimed that it has recalled
the CDs which are loaded with spyware to prevent piracy after getting itself
into PR hotwater over the issue.

This flies in the face of Sony’s website, here, which claims that Sony
was working with its retail partners to withdraw compact discs with XCP software
from distribution and retail chains. Sony says that it has asked retailers to cease sale of those discs and to return them.

Source: The Inquirer

So next time you buy music cds check it for those evil gifts from Sony.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas again! Oh such a wonderful moment. This is the time when everybody enjoys. Strangely enough even other religions also enjoys Christmas. It was reported in Newspapers that in Philipians muslim people is celebrating X'mas with bang. Even not so religious group enjoys this time. Their reason to celebrate? Santa Clause. Simply he is cool. Anyways it Christmas, chill out guys and gals. Merry X'Mas!

I am back!

Hi guys and gals. I am extremely sorry that i could not post for the past one month. I was facing some extremely horrible problems. Anyways i promise that i will keep you updated on tech from now onwards! Anyways i think a vast number of happening has happened in the past few weeks including the great and useful change of G- Mail. Its cool to see it now. I am not posting a screenshot now because its already too late and almost all of you have a Gmail account. But that not everything. I said many things but this is only one?? This time its your chance readers! Since i was absent for the past one month, you know what happened more than me. So dear readers fill my head with information. Thanks!

P.S Thanks to my friend Qwerty The Maniac for solving the side bar problem. Next time you encounter such a problem scroll down to see the side bar, click Get Firefox, download it and view the site or wait till I figure out what the problem is :D

Friday, December 02, 2005

A doggy to help you.

Its robots everywhere. Over the last two months we saw the rise of many robots. The latest on the list is this cute little puppy from Bandai and is called as Swiffer BN-17. Its not a silly pet dog who shows emotions and crave for your attention. He isa helper robot! Imagine your puppy cleaning your house rather than mess it. Imagine you dog checking your e-mail for you. Yeah he does this all! He'll clean up your house, provide you with companionship, and even check your email. Plus, he won’t leave a mess on the carpet.

Bandai's Swiffer Robot

- Sujith Tom

Google adds Virus scanning to Gmail.

Google Inc. has added a virus scanning facility to Gmail Web mail service recently. Unlike most of the other services, Google check for viruses while attachments reside on their server

Now, Gmail will automatically scan all attachments users send and receive.

Gmail will attempt to clean or remove viruses from infected attachments so that users can access the attachment's information; otherwise, users will not be able to download the attachment. Gmail will also prevent users from sending messages with infected attachments.

Until now, Google protected Gmail users from viruses simply by blocking messages that carry attachments commonly associated with virus attacks.The lack of virus scanning may be the reason why Gmail is still in beta.

Link: Gmail Faq

- Sujith Tom

Quantum Computing gets a push.

Austrian Scientists at the IQOQI (Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information) have created the first Quantum Byte which consists of 8 Calcium Ions!

Quantum Computing is an undeveloped part in computing. The Quantum Byte will be a great step forward towards the Quantum Computer. Quantum Computers are super fast and solve problems conventional computers can not.

Links: Wiki Definition for Quantum Computing

SORA the secretary



Meet SORA, the latest and greatest secretarial robot to come out of Japan. She has an integrated camera, microphone, speaker and business card scanner. She can take pictures of people and even act as a videoconferencing unit to communicate. But i doubt whether anybody will replace "I will do anything for a raise" human lady secretary.

Links : SORA, The Receptionist Robot

- Sujith Tom

Guess who is playing copycat this time?

MS Logo
Microsoft, the big bad bully is not copying from Google for the first time. First it was Online programs and now its the Google Base. M$ is planning to compete with Google Base with its new service code-named 'Fremont' which will allow users to post their own classifieds ads and contact details.
According to sources, the service is only available to MS employees and MS is planning to release a public beta next month.
Links: Fremont

Thursday, December 01, 2005

GNU rewriting their 'laws'

GNU General Public License (GPL) is all set up to be re-written for the first time in History.They are planning to present their first 'draft up for discussion' the International Public Conference for GPL v3 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 16 and 17 January 2006. This will be followed response and redrafting from the community to create more drafts and more editing. The finished GPL v3 is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2007.
'The guiding principle for developing the GPL is to defend the freedom of all users,' said Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation. 'As we address the issues raised by the community, we will do so in terms of the four basic freedoms software users are entitled to - to study, copy, modify and redistribute the software they use. GPL v3 will be designed to protect those freedoms under current technical and social conditions and will address new forms of use and current global requirements for commercial and non-commercial users.'

Links: GPL V3

- Sujith Tom

New Ogo Messenger to embrace MSN Messenger

IXI Mobile’s Ogo series of mobile devices known for its e-mail and instant messaging services announced that the most recent series of the mobile CT-10 will offer Hotmail and MSN Messenger services. It has a full screen, QWERTY keyboard, clamshell design very much similar to the Nokia 9500 series. They are offering you access to MSN, AOL and Yahoo! for e-mail and text messaging for $17.99 (Ouch!) a month. Its definitely not a steal for that price.

IXI Mobile Portable Messaging Device [Bios Magazine]

- Sujith Tom