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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

XBox 360 finally unveiled

Well, it’s finally here—the best thing in the world ever, until the PS3 comes out. Here’s
the massive bolus of coverage from all around the the world. All I can say
that Project Gotham Racing rox.

-Gizmodo Gadget Blog


In search of the Xbox 360 [Star Tribune]

Xbox 360’s Thrills Are Many but They Don’t Come Cheap [LA Times]

Q&A: The Xbox 360 [BBC]

The games to get for the Xbox 360 [Chicago Tribune]

The new Xbox 360 is the stuff of dreams, but most new games aren’t up to the challenge [San Fran Chronicle]

18 games for Xbox 360 [Detroit Free Press]

Initial Xbox 360 reviews good not great [TheRegister]

Gates: Xbox Live Will Become Windows Live [Spong]

Microsoft XBox 360 raises games stakes [TheBusiness]

The Xbox 360 rush is on [CNET]

PC and the New Power Generation: Xbox 360 [IGN]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Media Center Extender [PCMag]

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