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Monday, November 28, 2005

Samsung makes the biggest flexible LCD panel ever

Samsung developed a seven inch TFT LCD using thin pliable plastic to display 640x480 resolution colour video.

The panel is thinner, lighter and lasts longer than glass LCD panels and will maintain a constant thickness even when it is bent.

Samsung said that it will be used for notebook computers, cell phones and you will even be able to weave it into your clothes, if you have that bent (Wow right. A television in your shirt, or something that magnifies whatever is inside the dress :D )

Though there are some problems now like substrate's heat sensivity, which it overcame by using a low temp processing technique to make the amorphous thin film transistors (TFT), colour filters and liquid crystals much lower than glass based amorphous silicon.

But Samsung doesn't say when we'll see applications using the plastic LCD screens. Hope it will be soon :-)

- By Sujith Tom


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