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Monday, November 28, 2005

Play to stay fit with the new treadmill for Gamers!

A simply cool gadget. There is nothing so big thing in it but its simply innovative. This liitle treadmill allows you to play more, the faster you run. So you need to play? Then Run. Simply amazing. And you can boast to your friends that you shed off your weight by playing computer games!

Our special friends over at Kotaku found this little gem: a treadmill game
controller called the GameRunner. The faster your run, the more you get to play!
I mean this is obviously one of the better memes to come out of the gaming
industry in years. I’ve already seen an exercycle that with a few buttons so you
can play some hot games and this ads to the magic. Here’s how it works: you’re
thumping along in your t-shirt and shorts, you wig out, save up for a
controller, buy one, and then tell mom you’re exercising while you lay on your
old Sesame Street pillow and play CoD2 for fifteen hours straight. So
essentially these things improve the market for gaming peripherals.

- Gizmodo


Treadmill Joystick [Kotaku]

Product Page [GameRunner]

- Sujith Tom


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