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Friday, November 25, 2005

Google Space

Google has been very active in the past two months and still continues to be. News agenicies are saying that the next Google's product is Google Space. No its not releated to outer space but to air flights. Waiting for airplane espcially when its late is really boring and time consuming process. So Google in a mission to remove this boredom allows you to know more about your destination while you ae waitng.

Sadly enough the service is currently available only in Heathrow Airport in London. I hope it expands it service worldwide.

The 'pod' known as Google Space is situated in the Terminal One
departure lounge and consists of 10 Samsung laptops dedicated to Google
Google staff "flown in from all over the world" are on hand
to answer any questions as well as monitor usage.
"We see it as a huge focus
group," said Lorraine Twohill, Google's European director of marketing. "For
many of our users, we have always been something in their computers and they
have never actually met us."
A survey conducted for the launch by Google has
shown that the average airline passenger wastes a day's holiday a year waiting
around in airports, some nine hours in total.

Source: VNU Net

- Sujith Tom


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