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Monday, November 21, 2005

Get a 30Gigs without inviatation!

All of you have been surfing around the net finding a way to grab a invite from 30gigs.com and also many have started offering a bypass script by which you can get a invite too.

I just found a simple and yet direct way to access 30gigs.com to get
invite yourself, actually this is not a invite, a direct registration
at 30gig.com, its simple as you read this blog.

Step 1 : Use the url http://www.30gigs.com/accept/79380/enter-any-name-here (see examples below)

Examples :







If you run short of ideas just give a big string of characters instead of google and microsoft like

You can very well sign up, directly using the link put above, or by entering any character after /79380/ of your own wish. Its simple as easting a pie ?

Once you move to the step 1, the next is easy and the one which you do elsewhere to get a email account.

Step 2 : Enter the information that you will need toget started with your 30gig.com account!

more bypass and no more requests for invites on every forums you visit!
Happing mailing, though most of you are satisfied with your Google 1 GB
mail service, this for people who are just craze in signing up, that
comes as a invite (a trick that google used to create a hype, followed
by Yahoo! 360 blog, also seen at Orkut)


Also my observation is that you don't need a number 79380 to do this. Any five number combination will do.

Try these



Also you can use this page also to create your 30gigs.com Account



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